The struggle with sleep; lying in bed, tossing and turning all night, thinking about everything you have to do tomorrow, or replaying old conversations in your head, trying to figure out the perfect response.

The average person needs about eight hours of good-quality sleep each night, but it varies from person to person. The quality of your sleep might not be good if you wake up tired, short-tempered, and have trouble focusing. It affects your mental ability, and emotional state, and puts you at a higher risk of disease, ultimately it can shorten your life.

Fortunately, there are natural remedies to help us fall asleep and stay asleep with some good sleep hygiene and regular exercise.

What makes sleep so important?

Sleeping well has more benefits than you might realize. While it keeps you from feeling fatigued and unmotivated during the day, sleep offers a lot more benefits than that. Reduces your risk of chronic diseases such as heart disease, stroke, diabetes, etc. Supports a healthy immune system It reduces food cravings and the risk of obesity Your ability to concentrate on routine tasks is sharpened Helps improve your memory, decision making, and even creativity Getting a better night’s sleep and reducing anxiety

Sleep struggles shouldn’t exist, so Zen Enhanced Nutrition Sleep Aid is here to help. We combine Gaba and Valerian Root Extract to promote healthy sleeping patterns, lessen anxiety, and relieve sleeplessness. Gaba is an amino acid and neurotransmitter and is well known for its calming effects and ability to promote sleep and/or reduce anxiety.

Organically grown Valerian Root Extract Helps promote mental calmness, a deeply relaxed state and sleep. Together, these ingredients help you sleep better, feel better, and end anxiety. So go on, find your Zen with Zen Enhanced Nutrition Sleep Aid.

For even better results, our Zen Balance Bundle provides the perfect combination of nutrients and supplements that support restful sleep and help balance circadian rhythms and mood.

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